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Space 4 in a row – a mutliplayer game for smartphones, tablets and PC’s!

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Do you like to play online multiplayer games with your friends? With Space 4 in a row you can have fun with them no matter where you are! Space 4 in a row can be played at the same time with a group of your friends who use smartphonestablets (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) and even PC's.


Our newest game is a classic 4 in a row with futuristic graphics from space. Even if you don't want to play online with life opponents, you still can challenge the CPU, and prove that you are the best of the best!


To play on you smartphone or tablet - enter this link (http://play.bushidogames.com/en-gb//games/space4inrow/en-gb/) into your mobile browser and play.

To play on you PC/MAC CLICK HERE.






Challenge your friends or anyone in the web!


Play single player mode and defeat the computer!


Block the opponent's moves, and set your balls in rows to win.


Become a 4 in a row master!


Have a great fun, tell your friends about this game, and rate it on Chrome Store please :)



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Really good job man, I like it :)


And I have a few questions for you, don't know if you can answer but I'd really like to know because I'm trying to make a multiplayer game too...


On the technical side:

- do you find xhr-longpolling quite expensive in terms of server resources? how many people do you reckon you can have on one server at the same time?

- do you have a strategy to scale to multiple servers if needed?

- if I play one version (say the chrome web app version) can I play against people who are playing a different version? (say the mobile web one)


On the publishing side:

- where did you get the adverts for the desktop and mobile version?

- where is it hosted and does it cost much to host?

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Thanks for that. AdSense is risky, but I'm tempted to give it a go for the desktop version of my game.


I thought you were using node.js and socket.io (some of the tcp requests from your game looked familiar :)).


The thing is that on IIS7 (that is Windows 7 and Windows Server), socket.io cannot use websockets, and the transport mechanism is degraded to xhr-longpolling. I was asking because in my experiments (involving only a dozen people, so they may be wrong), this was using more than double the resources than websockets.


If you ever run into problems because you have too many people connected at the same time (which I hope you do, because then you'd be earning lots of money), you could consider moving the server to a Windows 8 machine, which would enable websockets without changing a single line of code and in theory you'd be able to support twice as many users.


Anyway, good luck with your game. I've had some good fun playing it.

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