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Emitter only spits out the same four sprites

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So my particle emitter is only sending out the same 4 sprites every time. Which 4 out of the twenty changes each time I reload the app, but it only scrolls through the four.


Any ideas?

this.emitter = this.add.emitter(, 1000, 20);this.emitter.width =;// this.emitter.angle = 30; // uncomment to set an angle for the rain.this.emitter.gravity = -1;this.emitter.makeParticles(iconsBlurred);this.emitter.minParticleScale = 0.4;this.emitter.maxParticleScale = 1;this.emitter.alpha = 0.45;this.emitter.setYSpeed(-50,-70);this.emitter.setXSpeed(0,0);this.emitter.minRotation = 0;this.emitter.maxRotation = 0;this.emitter.start(false, 9500, 3000);

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Hey Rick,

I am pretty new to Phaser myself, but it looks like you are calling this.state.start('MainMenu') inside the Preloader's "create" method in addition to the "gameLoaded" method. I assume it's loading the MainMenu scene before all of the assets are loaded. Try removing that line and see what happens.

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