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Hungry Fridge is another game from Enclave Games - this time the whole graphic design was created by my wife, Ewa. The game itself is more or less an experiment to test the Gamepad API support in the browsers, but I decided to finish and publish it anyway.



The game is similar to the previously finished Monster Wants Candy - all you have to do it tap on some food to collect it. This time it's "good" (veggies) and "bad" (junk) food, but you also have to follow the color of the marker the Fridge wants to eat.


If you connect the gamepad, the game transforms into a Super Turbo Hungry Fridge where you control the driving, shooting and eating machine.


The game itself was created using Phaser. As usual, the full source code is available on GitHub, you can play the game online or get it from the Firefox Marketplace. You can also read the short making of blog post - this game was used as an example in my chapter about the Gamepad API in the HTML5 Game Development Insights book. The technical article describing the API is coming along - the draft is being reviewed.



Any feedback on the game, especially the performance as I jumped from 480x320 to 960x640, will be much appreciated, thanks!

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