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We’re 2 girls from Sweden who are starting a game company, one of us is a beginner front end web developer and the other is studiyng marketing. One of our goals is making a mmorpg for the web targeting young people with an idea that we’ve planned for more than a year now. Our game will be more simple than the typical mmorpg game is today but we want it to be isometric and web-based.


We want to make an online multiplayer where you play as an animal and chat with other people, you walk around in a pixelated world together and have something similar to levels and exp (but simplified), we already have a pixel artist and are using vBulletin for the community but we need a back end programmer who have knowledge in server programming and game programming in general. Our game will be released in swedish, norweigan and danish because we already have some interest from these countries and maybe an english release far in the future (if everything goes well and people are interested).


We are looking for a programmer who knows how to build server and database connections in a safe way and have knowledge about Unity or Isogenic engine (C# or javascript/canvas). If you’re a programmer and want to be part of a great project and are just waiting for something to do then feel free to contact us! If you have any questions you can send us an email as well.




/Allie and Emy

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