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One way collision on tilemaps

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Hey, I am hard at work on my game "Space Cat" and I have some questions about one way collision on tilemaps. Like, is there a way to do this without making the one way colliding tiles into immovable objects (which I assume isn't TERRIBLE, it still uses the quadtree but it has to update more variables).

I have a collision tilemap in two layers, one with "ground" and "walls" and one for one way platforms. The problem is how the tilemap body is handled isn't super clear.

I was thinking of writing an extension of the collide function to specifically deal with this. 

Any help would be groovy.

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tile.collideLeft = false;tile.collideRight = false;tile.collideUp = true;tile.collideDown = false;tile.faceUp = true;tile.faceDown = false;tile.faceLeft = false;tile.faceRight = false; 


I am curious to know if there is any difference/preference between this and setCollision

Currently I'm having problems getting collideDown to work at all.

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