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Let me present you my game.


This is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter set in a fantasy context. It runs only in Firefox and Chrome/Chromium browsers or any browser that fully supports HTML 5, pointerlock and websockets. So don't try with Internet Explorer.


The game uses raycasting technics and looks like wolfenstein 3D or Heretic.


The server program is written in Node.js and the client is written in javascript. No framework but mine is used.


The game is located here : http://www.laboralphy.org/blightmagic/

You play a wizard with the ability to shoot magic missiles and read various scrolls. All players are fighting each other in an arena.
As a wizard, you may : Read scrolls and use potions. those items grant you temporary effects like invisibility or reflection shield. Such items can be found in chest scattered throughout the arena.

Basic controls :
Use your mouse and keyboard (W.A.S.D) to control your character. Click on the left mouse button to shoot, click on the right mouse button to use the selected item (scroll or potion). Use the mouse wheel to select an item.

Deathmatch only...
Currently, the only objective is to earn points by shooting down your opponents. There may be "team deathmatch" and "capture the flag" modes in the future.


Mobs :

Pumpkin monsters may crawl in the arena so watch out ! They are nasty.

The server :
Hosted by friends of mine, the server is located in Europe and may not be optimized for network games, sorry about the high network latency you may experiment...

Screenshots :








Video :

Game :

Game Manual :



I hope you'll give it a try, please post some comments or suggestions. I'm thinking about improvements on this game, but I also have others projects in mind so ...

If anyone knows one thing or two about making games a little more popular I'll be happy to read some advice.


Thank you.


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