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Hi, I would like to show you an update of my 1-year-old game Dino Hunt, called Dino Hunt 2.


Play it here.


It is a 3D first person shooter. You should hunt dinosaurs, make money and unlock new levels. There are several new features:

  • Dino Healt Bar is shown, when you focus on dinosaur.
  • Support for High-DPI displays.
  • Support for mobile devices (virtual joystick and keys).
  • You can play in winter.
  • Daily financial bonus, so you have return to the game every day :)
  • I removed a radar. It is more fun to play, when you don't know, where dinosaurs are. You should also be more careful :)

What do you think about it? Is there anything you would change, that is easy to change? :)


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Really good fun like before :)






Yes I played it for that long! Does it save my progress? It's starting to get really hard on this level because just one shot unleashes a whole torrent of dinos, which are pretty hard to escape from. So it's more a luck of where you spawn than anything by this point.


Great fun though.




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Thank you rich for your comments :)  I just added a support for cursor keys, great idea!

Score should be saved in localStorage after you leave the game.  Jumping helps you to climb a very steep hill. Also, when you jump, you can see a little better, what's behind the hill :)

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Wow, that is some impressive 3D stuff for html5/js :) amazing job


Maybe add dino walking animations? Although I know that is not an easy thing to change. Or joypad support? That's not just good for desktop pcs, I know there are Android TV boxes that have USB joypad suport.


And a small thing, maybe instead of dollar sign ($) use "coins" or "credits" or "points", so that it is immediately clear it is not a real purchase or in-app purchase or something. So for example: Upgrade (50 coins)


It's a good refinement of the original Dino Hunt

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Thanks BdR :) 

I would really love to add dino walking animations, but I didn't get any. That is not a commercial project, I used free models that I found on the web. I could not find any free (or cheap) animated dinos.


I will think about gamepad :) But sadly, I don't have any and I don't know anybody who uses it when browsing the web.

Coin icon would look much better, than dollar sign, but I was too lazy ... it will be improved :)

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I wanted to cheat a little and manipulated the localstorage by entering level 50 and 1000 coins etc. to check out the later levels.  :P To do this I had to create a corresponding hashcode and had to look into your js code.


I noticed that hunt.js is obfuscated in a peculiar way, it's all arrays with hex digits, so I was wondering what program did you use to obfuscate this? I'm working on a game too and this seems like a good way to obfucate the code before publishing it.

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