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Hi there! I've been working on some small html5 games projects for mobile.


I used Game Maker to develop them. I've been testing them on different platforms and browsers and, besides scaling problems, I have noticed the sound performance is quite erratic... it works fine in some cases, but works partially or not at all depending on the platform and/or browser.


Is this a problem related to Game Maker or the HTML5 technology?





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Well as I know (not much) sound works fine with HTML5, but you can try to add more sound formats (wav, mp3, ogg...) so maybe that will fix your problem because the different compatibilities between web browsers.


I hope that you can fix your problem. :)


Regards, Daniel.

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Thanks again!

Personally I had problems with the different desktop browsers. They say it is solved with GMS ver. 1.2.1279 and GMS early access.

Also, there seems to be with Safari. According to some user in the gmc forums: " (Apple people) They don't allow programmatic playback of audio to be played through the web browser on their mobile devices. They do allow sound, but typically it must be initiated by the user, like if the user pressed a button. No audio data is instantiated until a user permits it." Apparently that's also solved with "GMS early access".

I'll update my software and try again.

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