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Hey y'all! This is my first HTML5 game, but not by any means my first game.
I absolutely adore procedurally generated content and randomized gameplay, something about having a different experience every time you play the game really scratches my itch, you know what I mean? I spent some time browsing roguebasin and the procedural content generation wiki and was inspired to make my own dungeon crawl. I've been learning full-stack javascript and a roguelike-like seemed a fun and exciting challenge.
Here is what I have so far:

  • visiting the site drops you into a new, unique, randomly generated five-level dungeon
  • share the unique URL it generates and anyone that browses that link joins you in the dungeon
  • QWE/AD/ZXC keys correspond to NW, N, NE, W, E, SW, S, SE movement directions respectively
  • the numeric keypad on full length keyboards also do eight direction movement
  • mobile and tablet users can use onscreen directional buttons
  • every dungeon has five levels, with increasing complexity (first level has 50 rooms, the fifth level has ~100)
  • the dungeon generation algorithm puts the entrance in the first room it builds and the exit in the last room it builds, so most of the time it's a long and inconvenient path to the next floor of the dungeon
  • stand on a stairwell and the ascend/descend button will appear in the UI, unless you're on the fifth floor and standing on the stairwell down, since there is no sixth floor (will be replacing the fifth floor staircase with the Amazing Macguffin that wins you the game)
  • your ping is in the bottom right corner
  • the game canvas changes responsively if you change the size of the browser window or if you rotate your mobile device
  • 7 random dungeon 'themes' randing from ice cavern to grassy fort to dank cellar, etc
  • 3 player classes
  • fog of war, only draws tiles player has explored
  • phaser for the frontend
  • node.js backend

You can start a new game by visiting mppdl.cheesepencil.com


You can invite a friend to join you by sending them the URL after you've entered a dungeon (it might look like 'mppdl.cheesepencil.com/dungeon/Prince-Moat' or something like that)

You can see existing, populated games, their currently connected players, and some fun server stats at mppdl.cheesepencil.com/status, click on any existing game to join it.
If the server is very laggy or unresponsive, or you consistently get pings over 200ms, try the alternate server at crowbarticklefight.no-ip.org:8085 (to make a new dungeon) and crowbarticklefight.no-ip.org:8085/status (to see existing, populated dungeons).
Since I added the fog of war, it's almost playable on phones as crappy as the old iPhone 3g and the firefox phone (though I do not suggest you try it).


  • magical monsters
  • loot
  • combat
  • player advancement
  • player class differentiation (mage will have magic, rogue will have invisibility)
  • potions and scrolls
  • general dungeon clutter
  • lots and lots and lots of bug fixes

I've been working on it every day for the last four weeks and hope to have it basically complete in another four weeks.





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