Is there a way to detect multitouch capabilities?

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My default interface requires at least 2 touch pointers, but I could provide a slightly more awkward alternative with only 1 touch point requirement if I detect that the device does not support simultaneous touches. Two questions:


1) Can it be done with Phaser (or JavaScript in general)?

2) Is it necessary anyway? I personally don't even know any devices with only 1 touch point, but I guess the templates that come with Phaser have .maxPointers = 1 for a reason. Are there many devices with only 1 touch point?


Thanks for help.


To clarify, my interface would be as follow:

- touch left side of the screen to move left,

- touch right side of the screen to move right,

- you can't move left and right at once, but I want the 2nd touch (for example, right) to be detected even if the user is still touching left - this way I think it's slightly more responsive.

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I know how to use multiple pointers, but I need to be able to DETECT if the device is CAPABLE. It seems that I actually skipped a crucial sentence in my post, sorry for the confusion.


My question is: is it possible to detect the maximum number of touch points the current device can track at once (or at least: is it possible to detect if it's > 1). Bonus question: is there a significant share of mobile devices currently in use that can only accept one touch point.

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I am new to Phaser and for my game i only need 2 touch at the same time.  My game character can run left, right and jump.  When i test using the keyboard the character can jump while running left or right.  But when i use the touch screen while the character is running it can't jump. 


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