New to HTML5 - Asking for recommendations

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Hey everyone!


This is my first post in these forums. I'm partially new to HTML5. Now you can start spamming me with recommendations on how to learn and operate!


I have made mini Flash games in the past, together they sum more than 2 million views worldwide, which is a fair figure, although not very high. I have been waiting for HTML5 to catch up and now I feel that this technology mix known as HTML5 is starting to take off. People can finally play free games on their mobile phones!!


I know AS very well, I also know HTML, CSS, because I've been creating websites since I started working, and I know a little Javascript, and I'm fluent in Java and PHP. I'd like to make one button funny games based on my animated characters to make a holistic approach to entertainment and my active products.


NOW IT'S THE TIME YOU CAN SPAN ME WITH HTML5 COURSES, JS LIBRARIES, PROCEDURES, METHODS, BEST PRACTICES AND OPERATIONAL BEHAVIORS. And if this post can help other people who are in the same situation as me, it would be great.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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In 2014, HTML5 is really just a compile-to target, rather than a development platform.

That means you can develop with any tools or programming languages you're comfortable with, and just compile to HTML5.

Because you have  Flash background (I do too - 10 years), why not just use OpenFL/Haxe? 


You can also just use Adobe's take on this too:


That said, if you want to learn something new, you might find that there are better, happier ways to make games outside the AS3.0/Flash world.

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Do you think that is too late for starting in html5 games development market?

No, it's a really good time.

There are great tools for developers and they're getting better by the day.

However, HTML5 game development is not yet mainstream, so by getting into it now, you're getting in early. 

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