Hady Hayman

Any mobile HTML5 tutorials?

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After I learned core basics of Phaser by making an Open Source Flappy Box, I'm now looking to create a small but fun mobile HTML5 game.

I couldn't find any tutorials online of making a mobile HTML5 game, Like handling different screen sizes, handling spawning and positioning, Entering fullscreen/ Hiding address bar and many other things for mobile HTML5 games.

I have found the fullscreen mobile template but have no idea of the differences between coding a mobile HTML5 game vs Desktop one.

If there's any tutorial please link me to it.


Thanks in advance.

Hady Hayman

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Hello, I don't have  a tutorial to offer, but what you need is web apps. This one is for configuration of ipads:


I'm still trying to figure out screen resolutions + rotation of device, so can't currently offer any more advice on that matter.

If you do need to run offline, have a look at cache manifests (offline web app):

Hopefully some other information will be filled in.


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