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Unique ID of Sprite, Button etc.

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Hi Guys,


I have a question of obtaining some form of a unique ID from a sprite / button, let me explain.


I have a main menu which loads a random number of items which are clickable (at the moment they are buttons, which I'm not sure is correct or if they should be sprites). I also have a JS object which represents each of these created items (the objects are put into an array).


At the moment when the Phaser button is created (in a for loop), I attach the button to the JS object when it is created, so that it is stored. As a callback function on the clickable button, I try and pass the unique ID of the object so that I can quickly access which ever object is attached to that particular button and get all the details.


However, when I alert the unique ID on button click, it keeps displaying the same one, regardless of the button I click. Now I know this must be wrong and I presume I should be attaching the custom object to the button instead, but I'm not too sure how to do that. If that is also incorrect, what steps should I take to link my object to a clickable button/sprite?


The idea is that once a button is clicked, a small menu dialog appears with the details etc. depending on the item clicked


Many Thanks!

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