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Using Graphics.drawPolygon()

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Thank you. Polygon does not have fill() method but as stated in the Graphics doc, drawPolygon() "Draws a {Phaser.Polygon} or a {PIXI.Polygon} filled". Graphics object does not seem to provide that neither.

Anyway my intention is not even fill it or show it, i will use it only for debuging purposes, as i want to use its points to replicate the behaviour on the chained tweens example.
I usually do this in Turbulenz by enabling the 2DDebug viewport. Apparently in Phaser i must use game.debug.geom() for that purpose but i see that only accepts basic shapes and lines as a parameter, am i right?

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Phaser.Polygon is an abstract object meant to represent collision areas and so on - it's not a graphics object as such. To draw polygons on a Graphics object you should see this example, as Phaser.Graphics is an extension of pixi's Graphics object: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/examples/13/

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