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Vampirizer -cross-platform physics puzzle by PlayToMax

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Vampirizer - HTML5 game about party vampires.


Everyone knows that vampires live for thousands of years. And of course they get bored sometimes. Well what bored vampires can do? Exactly! They have parties! But there are only three of them in the castle. So they decided to recruit more vampires in the town for their big crazy party.


Vampirizer is a physics puzzle game and the task is to meet vampires and ordinary people by removing blocks and cutting ropes.


We used adapted Box2d and our framework "Squire".
The game supports most screen resolutions.
Here's a link

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You cloned my game Vampire Physics  :angry:


Good job, though.

Actually we were inspired by this nice game and decided to make simillar game about vampires.

And we found out your "Vampire Physics" game only when our "Vampirizer" was about to release ;)

But anyway thanks!

P.S. By the way if you want we can discuss the licensing and porting of your games .

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