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I've created a game called Triskaidekaphobia to promote the js13kGames competition. The name of the game means "the fear of the number 13", so I thought it would be perfect for this gig.



The story is simple: you are in the dark forest full of terrors and have to run away from the vicious Thirteens. Tap to jump between branches to avoid them.







As usual: the game was created using Phaser, you can read very short "making of" blog post about it.

How do you like the minimalistic art style? Any feedback will be much appreciated.

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Thanks for the feedback!

@MesmerismJS - well, it was done on purpose, so the spikes (Thirteens) blend into the tree. They are bigger and thicker than the branches in the background, so the difference should be big enough to play the game without any problems. I'll think about making it more clear which one is the background and which are the Thirteens though.

@mer - that's why you have the luck meter instead of dying right after the contact. It is hard, but if you jump quick enough and collect the Luck items you can keep the pace and play for some time.

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It was suppose to be that way: when you're close to the spikes you also loose a little bit of Luck, and the spikes are spawned that way so you have to collect the Luck items to stay alive.

It looks like I'll have to work on it to make everything more intuitive, thanks for all the feedback :)

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