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Guidelines for posting in this board

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The game showcase forum can be used to let other developers know about your game that you created, or are currently about to create.

If you are posting a not yet finished game, please prefix the title with something like "WIP" to let people know about it.


For example: [WIP] My first puzzle game


You should include the following information in your post:


  • One (or more) screenshot/s (at best about 800x600 px - remember that very big big pictures may take a long time to load)
  • A short description of your game
  • The link to the game (obvious, huh?)
  • Maybe a link to the games website with more details, or a blog


Feel free to make the description longer and ask for specific feedback there to start a discussion with the folks here that goes beyond "Looks cool" or "very nice game".


I recommend you to add your screenshot(s) as direct attachments to your post, so you don't need to host them anywhere else where they might get lost.

After you added a attachment (live upload is possible while you are writing your post), you have a little "Add to post"-button at the right side which enables you to display attached images directly inside the post.


When you have included the information I listed above into your post, chances are very high that rich will tweet about your post with his twitter account that has a few thousand followers already, so stick to that list if you want promotion ;)


If you have more questions, just post it here in this thread.


I even have digged out a good example of how a post in this board should look like.


And now, have fun building HTML5 games! :D




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I have a first prototype of a game that is actually old procedural PHP/MySQL/Javascript and old HTML4 with just a dash of 5 and nothing deprecated.

It should probably be rewritten from scratch after any playtest mods are done.

Is this a suitable item - it was designed for a 1280x720 or better display but can use browser zoom controls to adjust somewhat.


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@01271 thats a good idea, but, this part of the forum is primarily about the game, so long as its eligible (html5) then should we enforce here that people speak about their technical choices? I kinda feel this part of the board is about the game, not about whether its Phaser, create, Babylon, React etc etc

Sure, some discussions might go that way as many people are interested in the technical side of stuff and many posters do indeed use this area as a mini-dev blog, I wonder if there would be any uptake on creating a new section for devlogs for games being worked on?

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9 hours ago, mattstyles said:

@caymanbruce Better to get them to showcase it but if you have their permission I see no harm in you posting on their behalf, always good to see great projects.

er... I don't think I am able to get them to showcase or have their permission. It's Supercell's base builder website. Although it's not a game but a complemental part of a game, I think it's awesome. Just want to let everybody here know that, especially PIXI.js fans.

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On 1/6/2017 at 8:10 PM, mattstyles said:

I wonder if there would be any uptake on creating a new section for devlogs for games being worked on?


I was just looking for a place for my devlog. Then I was wondering if it's ok to post devlog entries in the thread I had opened in the Game Showcase section. At the moment, my impression is devlog entries do not fit in there and might be seen as too noisy.

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