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The Rise Of HTML5: What Does It Mean?

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"One of the biggest developments in communications and technology in recent months is the rise of HTML5. This new programming language has serious potential to destabilize a variety of different computing environments as we know them, and yield impact to the field that can only be barely conceived of today. But what in particular is likely to hit? There's been plenty of analysis of the field, and many conclusions that can be reached as a result.


One of the biggest impacts HTML5 is likely to generate in 2013 is in the field of mobile platforms. Already, HTML5 is looking to destabilize the mobile environment, with Web-based apps that can be run via browser potentially looking to encroach on app stores in their current form. Several publications like Bright Ideas are already using HTML5 as a way to bring out its magazine to mobile devices—it can be found in the iPad App Store—and that's just one key point. More and more mobile applications will come available using HTML5, and that's going to mean a huge difference in the way these mobile applications are developed."



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