[ᴛᴜᴛᴏʀɪᴀʟ] Hosting HTML5 games on Google Drive

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Good tutorial, also if anyone is interested, there's a site called Neutron Drive which through it you can code your scripts while they're hosted in google drive.
Good for quick fixes or coding a game from scratch. (Of course you can't use that with an engine like C2 or GM:S unless you know what you're doing.)

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Great post! Maybe we could create a list of services where game can be hosted for free?


Recently we have implemented code editor (and also hosting) in MightyEditor.


Yesterday I've made a simple demo game. You can find code and assets here: (switch between "Map editor" and "Source editor" tab) and link to the game itself: Currently there are no permissions at all so everyone can edit source but we'll fix that soon. Also I'll finish detailed tutorial tomorrow and will write separate topic about that.






Digger is controlled with keyboard arrows. Collect gold blocks and sell them in to the shop.


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