[Project Generator] Introduce slush-phaser-project

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Hi phaser users,


I think it's time to introduce it to the public since scene and prefab generation feature is just finished.


Full features listed:

  • Easy and efficient workflow powered by Node.js and Gulp.js
  • ES6 module support
  • Scene(state) and prefab generator
  • Fast live reload with BrowserSync
  • Deploy with one line command

For more details, please check the repo: https://github.com/pixelpicosean/slush-phaser-project

NOTE: please always update to latest version before using, the project is under heavy development currently.


Some screenshots:




Why build ANOTHER generator?

Phaser is designed without any module system support, so I searched a lot for project generators come with AMD or CJS support, and I did find some nice projects. I use them for some games, and then I saw ember-cli which comes with ES6 module system, and I fell in love with es6 clean and beautiful syntax. That's the most important reason, another one is I did not find any project support blueprint which gives ember-cli a really efficient workflow and clean project layout.


PS. Feedbacks and PRs are welcome, let's make it better together :D


And happy coding everyone


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