Is there a double-click feature?

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Does Phaser have anything for deciding if a double-click has taken place?


I've found some other topics regarding double-clicking but none have had particularly useful replies IMO.


I've been trying to hack something together using timers and game.input.activePointer.justPressed but I feel like I'm doing it wrong.


Also, how does this thing work? Why is this input detection event in Sprite?

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From what I've seen of the code, there is no double click event.  However, there is an extra parameter passed into "onTap" that denotes double click:

// Was it a double-tap?if (this.timeUp - this.previousTapTime <{  // Yes, let's dispatch the signal then with the 2nd parameter set to true, true);

That means you can have a double click handler by doing something like:

game.input.onTap.add(function(pointer, isDoubleClick) {  if(!isDoubleClick) {    return;  }  // Handle double click.});

Then again, you could also use the native dblclick event.

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Cool, that works. Though I see that it is only considered a double click after the second click has come up.


I need it to activate the double click as soon as the second click is pressed, not released. What I'm trying to do is where a player clicks, then clicks again and holds down in order to move.


So I think I need a combination of onTap and onHold functionality.

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Ok, so I've wasted all day trying to figure out what is a really simple concept, with no success.


I haven't found anything in Phaser that has the functionality I require, and all of my own solutions that I think have been logically correct have for some reason not worked.


I have tried making my code as explicit as possible to make sure the logic is correct, and to my understanding it is.


Here is what I am trying in update();

    if(game.input.activePointer.justPressed(0)){        timeGap = - lastClickTime;        if(timeGap < doubleClickDelay){            doubleClickHeld = true;        }        lastClickTime =;    }    if(doubleClickHeld === true){        // Do this code while second click is still held.    }    // If the pointer is released, then the second click obviously can't be held down.    if(game.input.activePointer.justReleased(0)){        doubleClickHeld = false;    }

But the code to do while doubleClickHeld is still true is being read even if I press only once. Which makes me think that the first if statement is always true. Am I using justPressed wrong?

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I've built a small Gesture class that detects basic touch gestures, swipe (with swipe direction), tap, and hold. Have a look at here. Feel free to extend it. 



create: {  // create a gesture instance in the state's create method.  this.gesture = new Gesture(;  // add gesture handlers.  this.gesture.onSwipe(this.swipeHandler, this);  this.gesture.onHold(this.holdHandler, this);  this.gesture.onTap(this.tapHandler, this);},update: {  // call gesture's update method each frame.  this.gesture.update();},// handle gesturesswipeHandler: function(downPosition, position, direction) {},tapHandler: function(downPosition, position) {},

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