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[js13k] Chibi Battlemonsters

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Hello Guys,
this is my second game for the js13k challenge. I just submitted it so I still have to wait for approval.
I tried to make a pokemon kind of game in less than 13kb and this is what I came up with:
There's only 12 monsters and no evolutions, that just didn't fit into the filesize limit anymore.
Items like Potions can only be used in battle (again, filesize limit)

Enjoy gaming :)

Game Link:
Chibi Battlemonsters


The game was just added :)

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Thanks for yor coments!


I usually just start coding the game and then when everything is done, I throw out everything fancy to get below 13kb.

Wasn't sure until the very end if this can be done or not.


Both my submissions are turn based. I'm trying to fit 1 more game in before the deadline is reached. This time something more action based. :)

If there is another competition next year, then I will try to write a smaller game engine to get some more room for audio. :D

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