[WIP] [Phaser] Knight&Wizard The Runaway

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Hi Guys, Finally I can encourage myself to post my WIP game here..



So, the game is called "Knight&Wizard The Runaway". It's a 2 lane running game which you control 2 character at once, the Knight and the Wizard.

The knight can only attack mortal creature, whereas the wizard can only attack magical creature.

They are actually twins that has been separated since they were born, being captive by the evil wizards organization and now the're trying to break free.

You have to jump to avoid the obstacle along the way and switch lane to banish the enemies from their path



Gameplay video:


Currently it's still on development, and lots of thing haven't been implemented yet.
I'll update the post if it's already playable.

thank you, hope you enjoy it :)

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