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Multiplayer RPG game. It's possible?

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If you don't want real time, it would probably be easiest just to make your own database and write controllers in the language of your choice.  Easiest would probably be PHP or ruby, but there are other alternatives as well.  You could even write your own servlets if you really wanted to, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary work for this.  You can then use jQuery or vanilla JavaScript to make POST and GET requests to your controllers while the game is running. 


Oh, and if you are interested in a real-time multiplayer gaming at all, I found great success writing my own simple NodeJS server to track player coordinates on the back end, and using Phaser to render on the front end.

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It really depends what you are trying to do. Are you willing to have your own backend infrastructure?

Do you want to handle authentication for your players?


I am not sure I totally agree with the fact that non-realtime is trivial, there is still a lot of work to do in order to get to the situation where a game is setup between several persons.


I'd be really interested in your needs actually because I am working on something that could solve your problems, but again the excat scope is interesting :-)

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