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Hi, guys!


I’ve just finished my latest game I Know Art 2.

I tried to make a small puzzle game which is accessible for everyone, not just art lovers. You don't have to know paintings’ titles, artists’ born dates and other boring stuff. This game is a puzzle and you can solve it even if you know nothing about art.




The game includes artworks from artists like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and others. I personally like modern artists (XX century) like Rene Magritte, but his paintings are not in public domain yet :(




My other goal was to learn Phaser engine while making the game. I have to say that this engine is awesome (thanks, Rich!), and I’ll definitely use it in my future projects.




You can try the game here. Hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Feedback, bug reports, comments are more than welcome!

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nice ! -


on level 12, i managed to move 2 of the pieces to their correct location, but each of them covered up movable pieces, so the piture looks complete, and i had to randomly click to find what was left to do to bring the "wrong" pieces to the front !

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