[js13k] Compact Conflict

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Hello everyone!


Just joined the nice community here, and wanted to show off my JS13k game to anyone interested!


It's a Risk-like strategy game with simple rules and hard to master gameplay. Single- and multi-player, works on most modern browsers and tablets I could get my hands on.


Any feedback appreciated!


Obligatory screenshot:



If you're interested, I also wrote an in-depth blog post about the AI implementation for the game, which turned out to be a challenging thing to do inside a few weeks of development:


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This game is AWESOME, at least for my taste. What I would like to see is death match, meaning no 12 rounds, but utter destruction of the opponent and of course, larger map, or choose map rather than randomize it. Maybe the World map where the size of the zones are divided depending of number of players ... or something.




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Have 1 remark:

Soldiers are too small for any device.

Correction: I just noticed that you select the number of soldiers to attack with by clicking on the region itself. Anyhow it's a bit unclear.


And second, small one:

"Once time runs out, whoever has most regions, wins."

The game is not timed :D, it's limited only with rounds.

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I'm playing a game as I write. The AI is cornered but it has so much army that makes it really hard for me to destroy him. Never mind that, but we both have so many soldiers, my computer started struggling. Many programs run in the background, but still I can sense the weight it puts on the machine.

May I suggest a solution. Probably would be best to make like 1 major figure for every 100 "soldier" or better yet something like 1 - 10 - 100 - 1000.


Another thing. I have on one spot like I don't know... 600 soldiers .. how do I select half of them, or 1/3 ? Cause I don't wanna attack with all of them on one spot, and it's silly to click like 200 times on my mouse :D


And one more thing. No idea how many soldiers are on one area. It would be good if I knew my odds, meaning number of my soldiers and number of enemies soldiers.


So, I won the game but I had a situation like this:


Moved my soldiers to attack and AI was defending. As I gathered soldiers outside a temple or moved them around the map to gather them on one spot, automatically lost faith from "You get 1 for each region you have, and 1 for EACH SOLDIER praying at a temple". At the same time the AI was at his last temple and had like zillion faith per turn from the same bonus and continued buying soldiers. Attacked once with full army and lost badly. He had only one temple, I had all others. It was kinda stalemate if he didn't make mistake and divided the army.


Maybe balance it a bit for an example, more faith gained from number of areas, and different faith bonus from each temple owned?


Cause, I can stay at my temple, gather soldiers faster than anyone else only by using that bonus.


I will try one game like that now.

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So, this is what happened after staying at the first and only temple without moving a muscle:

First got couple of soldiers, built water cathedral and after that just kept buying soldiers each round. AI's were bashing each other until one was left.

And then the AI blocked and didn't attack me at all,  we just continued buying soldiers and AI didn't even bother to conquer the territories of the defeated opponents. Here is the image of the stalemate I was talking about.



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