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Problem with Intel integrated gpu

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I have a Sandy Bridge based PC Windows 7 laptop that has two gpu's: dedicated nVidia gpu and an integrated Intel HD gpu. If I've undestood correctly the Sandy Bridge is close to a SoC style of architecture and the Intel gpu is inside the same chip with the cpu. The laptop is using the Intel gpu with all tasks that are not considered graphically intensive and the nVidia kicks in only when gaming etc. The idea behind this is to save energy and it does do a brilliant job.
The problem
By default web browsers are considered as non-graphically intensive apps. It generates one massive problem with Phaser (and probably with other gpu rendered web content as well): overheating. The performance is not an issue, usually cpu load is below 20% and fps stays easily at 60 with the Intel gpu, but probably because of the architecture the temp of the whole chip including cpu's starts going slowly up and the system cannot handle this very well. After some minutes at 80 degrees Celsius the system goes into some limp mode, I really do not know what happens but I'm guessing the gpu clocks are dropped and / or the rendering is moved to cpu because cpu load jumps to 70-100% and the fps drops to less than 10.
You basically have to shut down the web page and continue after a while, but it always does the same of course. I can repoduce this with Phaser examples as well. Quick workaround is to force the system to use the nVidia gpu with browser, but it's not a solution. Out there are zillion Sandy Bridge computers with non-techy users.
The question
Are there ways to restrict the gpu usage when it's not necessary? E.g. on menu screens and so on it's not necessary to keep on drawing 60fps when nothing is moving etc. All other ideas are welcome too, this is really quite a big of an issue for us :/
Thanks a lot in advance!


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