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[WIP] Tyler - Tilebased Map Editor

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Indeed, it is all written... I spent hours reading so much articles and didn't even read properly the first post of your thread. Silly me  :wacko:


The stamp feature has been added to this editor: http://elias-schuett.de/git/Online-Tile-Map-Editor/


From my point of view, you could have three kind of items: ground textures (with auto-tiling), object (tiles independant) and normal tiles. And maybe background image.


When you're talking about drawing on multiple layers at once, do you mean that you're planning to select automaticaly the proper layer according to the content? In other word, some sort of "auto-sorting"? That could definitely be a great feature, but kind of tricky depending of what you want to do.


A top down map (like the one on your previous screenshots) could actually work with only two layers, one for the ground textures and another one for the objects, the last ones being automaticaly sorted by their position on the Y-axis. Depending on what solution you chose for autotiling, you could need several layers for the ground (for overlapping edges) but layers could still be automaticaly selected if you create one layer per texture and ask the user to define precedence between textures - or terrain types - like they did in this article:


The first part of our solution was to assign a "precedence" to the various terrain types. By precedence, I mean that when two different terrain types meet, one of them invariably "overlaps" the other. In the example of forest meeting grassland, if forest has a higher precedence (and it should) then it will always overlap the grassland. 


In Artifact, we used the following terrain precedence (listed highest to lowest): jungle, forest, mountain, hill, swamp, deserts, grassland, water (open water or river). Please note that this precedence does not reflect the relative elevations of the terrain but is instead based on which terrains looks best when overlapping other terrains.


But on a platform map, you could imagine an object behind a ground (like a tree behind a platform) and objects would have to be manually sorted when overlaping (the script can't guess which objet should be over).


That means that if an auto-sorting features should be implemented, it would have to be optionnal. Maybe a simple checkbox could do the trick.

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Good project, I didn't know about it and made my own little editor for tiles. I'll just use yours from now on.


One good enhancement would be to add export as binary-map (0,1,5,5,5 etc) based on tile "naming" that way people can only save the sequence and work with that. *if it is already implemented, cudos!*

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It theoretically is, but sadly I have very few free time to work on it. I started developing Tyler on top of my tilebased engine "Mosaik" which Is deprecated in favor of gamekit by now. I still need to port Tyler over to gamekit.

Since I sadly only have limited time and use it mostly for my company, the development of gamekit and Tyler (which happens only on free time) progresses very slowly at the moment. I hope to be able to work more on it again in a few weeks.

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