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[Completed] WordBog - A mind bending word puzzle

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WordBog is a cross platform word puzzle, supporting mobile web, native iOS+Android, desktop web, with Facebook integration.


To play, make words by using letters in sequence, moving up, down, left, right or diagonally. Letters disappear when used, and letters above fall into the spaces. You can also turn the board clockwise or anticlockwise to switch things about. Words are scored by letter value multiplied by word length. When you've done your best, submit your score to see how you compare to your friends.
A new free puzzle is released every day, where all players around the world compete on the same board.
[Note you can login with email+passcode instead of Facebook if preferred]
Please let me know what you think!
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"Please let me know what you think!"


my favorite part...



So I saw a facebook link so I thought "ho shit I will have to log to play fuck it", but then I noticed I didn't have to, so I was pleasantly surprised...


Until I click everywhere just after reading "make the longest word ...(and then TLDR)", then it's like "so what now ?">>>"click the tick thing", so I did, then it said basically "bad you lose" then I quit because I just wanted to play, not try to... Understand something, if you see what I mean.

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Seems very polished. I enjoyed playing, and liked the rotation mechanic, as it minimises the chance of being stuck with a set of unusable letters. The social aspects of the game add to its appeal.


I agree with JUL that there's perhaps a little too much to read to start off with. As I've found out the hard way in my own game development, attention spans seem to be quite short nowadays! (What were we talking about...?  :) ) For me at least, the scoring system seemed self-explanatory. Some of the rest could be explained "on-the-go", rather than up front.


I came across a slight glitch. After submitting, I was asked to choose between logging into Facebook, or WordBog. I chose Facebook initially, but when I saw the app could post on my behalf (in itself fine), I hit cancel, hoping to choose Word Bog instead. However, I wasn't given a second chance, and the game just started again from the loading screen, losing my (not-so-precious) score.


All the best!

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Really useful feedback, many thanks - I've got that 'looked at it too long myself' stage. :) Hadn't spotted the fallback on a Facebook cancel, so will get that so it just goes back to login.  I reckon I could throw some numbers in to the animations to remove the scoring info from the initial help, and hint the submit button as they run out of letters.

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The game itself is fun and the rotation mechanic is neat - but if the 'stranded' pieces snapped back in to the mass of letters I wonder if you need to rotate it at all?  Some ability to 'shake up' or randomise the order would be nice if you get stuck - but I guess that's practically a different game altogether!


The control mechanic felt like I should be able to click and drag to create a word rather than click each individual letter (but that's a minor point)


To echo the above comments, the only negative issue for me is the overly long and wordy instruction sequence at the start, if you could find some way to animate or guide the player using less text and allowing them to get on and play then it would be much improved in my opinion

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If you want to take this to a whole new level, please send me a PM. I have 'some' experience with word games. Yours would fit in quite nicely.


Apart from this, as it is already mentioned, the start text is too much.

Start a tutorial by example. That would help a lot and would defeat the need for loads of informative text.

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