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[WIP][PHASER] Star Survival

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Star Survival is my first attempt at completing an HTML5 game. It's a simple, endless shmup using free game art from kenney.nl.


Gameplay-wise I think it's mostly in a complete state - at the moment I'm mostly performance testing and tweaking for different devices etc.


You can play the game here. Please let me know how it goes and what you think! Thanks!

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Hi Michael,


Congratulations on putting Star Survival together as your first HTML5 game! Initially played it on desktop, and it plays well. Enjoyed the sound effects, damped spaceship movement, powerups and level progression (encountered a few of the much larger enemies). It took me a little while to discover that I could just hold down the mouse button, and move the cursor around, although I suspect that if I'd started on mobile, holding down a finger may have been more obvious.


On iPad Air, I encountered some resize issues. In portrait, the sprites occupy the full game area, but the background only occupies the top-left quarter, with the rest black (see 1st image below). Then rotating to landscape, everything stretches width-wise, without maintaining aspect ratio, such that all the sprites are too wide (2nd image). Frame rate was very good, though. I did not hear any sound on iPad, even after the first button press (volume was up).


On Samsung Galaxy S4, I encountered similar resize issues. Frame rate was generally good, although occasionally dropped slightly when there were more particle effects on screen. Sound played fine on the S4.


Best of luck with the remaining development!






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I think this is quite a nice start for the game. I like it :)


I think with a few tweaks it could be better though. I'd make the bullets and explosions a lot bigger. They don't need to be more powerful - they should just look more powerful. I'd also change the explosion colour so it's not red (spaceships don't bleed :)).


It worked well for me though - and I am intrigued to see where this goes. Do keep updating :)

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