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Boosting mobile HTML5 game performance with WebGL

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"Performance is crucial for any kind of gaming, even more so on mobile where the hardware is weaker and the software is often behind desktop systems. It's also a really interesting subject, which is partly why we've written about it several times before on our blog, such as our HTML5 2D gaming performance analysis (with updated benchmarks here and here), and our Great HTML5 Mobile Gaming Performance Comparison. However that last link - our last big mobile performance test - is from last May, and things are moving quickly as ever.



We're big supporters of WebGL since Construct 2's WebGL renderer is often significantly faster than canvas 2D on desktop, in both benchmarks and real games. Since that post there have been major software updates, new devices, and optimisations to Construct 2's engine. So it's time to do another test. We were glad to find WebGL brings a similar performance boost on mobile, just as it does on desktop - with some surprising cross-device results. More on that in a moment!"


Read the rest at https://www.scirra.com/blog/107/boosting-html5-game-performance-with-webgl

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I started to write my library IvanK lib - http://lib.ivank.net a year ago and it was WebGL-accelerated since the beginning. It runs perfectly in Chrome Beta for Android and in Dolphin Beta for android.


Hi IvanK - cool to see you here. I saw your lib already months ago and was really impressed. Since WebGL get more and more into the focus I hope that your project gets the attention it deserves!

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