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Found 2 results

  1. Snouto

    ArcCamera wierdness

    Hi So i've been doing a lot of testing lately and have had some excellent support from the experts on this board. One of the things that's been bugging me all this time that I didnt mention was regarding the ArcCamera. In my setup, when I create and activate an ArcCamera, I can rotate around a point with the left mouse button okay for a short while. If I happen to click the left or right button though, the camera moves in to pan mode and then I'm stuck and can not get out of it. When this happens the scene will zoom whenever I move the mouse, that's to say all movement of the mouse are reflected as zoom operations. Really strange, and this is with the code in place to stop the right click context menu appearing. Unfortunately I can't replicate this in the PG because it never happens there - so i'm wondering if the PG is doing some specific setup outside of CreateScene that prevents the ArcCamera going mental?
  2. I have an ArcCamera with a root object as it's target. I'm going for a 3rd person or "over the shoulder camera". I want the root to rotate on the y axis when the ArcCamera moves on the alpha axis. I'm currently doing something like: It seems like the alpha is at a lower magnitude than what the rotation vector expects. I can rotate the camera like 3 times around the root before it rotates completely