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Found 3 results

  1. simple loading method for make cylinder or sphere around of target object
  2. hi everybody finally i create ( thanks @Deltakosh a lot and @Temechon) BJS Shader Builder And Now i complete Documentation it is easy but in Alpha version we have Solid Back Transparency Front Wired Light Map Reflect ReflectMap Multi Reference Replace Red Yellow Green Blue Cyan Pink White Black Effect Event Inline Range NormalMap SpecularMap Vertex in Beta version Shadow PostProcess ImportLight Filters request all you have problem in material and challenge ShaderBuilder for make that
  3. hi flow this topic if you want make dynamic character reaction i start with simple actions and we can manage all we need Benefits All Process in GPU and you can control that with send a little parameters About Your Size : you just need a few more Textures you can define unlimited parts for manage Disadvantages : You can not have correct Collision in CPU take Time To Make Color full Parts and work with 2d Texture on UV map you need some helpers point for manage rotate parts need a little more mathematical no documentation for yet( right now it is on process i make samples in PG and write a documentation ) anyway : 3d Model in here (thanks for @ 3dregenerator ) move to BABYLONX :