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[Kiwi.js] Standoff 1.1.3

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Hey guys we've updated Standoff to 1.1.3

- Optimized for iOS8

- Leaderboard sorting more accurate

- Helpful popup dialogs added

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements





In an empty tract of the milky way where the desperate head in search of something better, you must Standoff against the galaxy’s most fearless opponents - your friends. 


Standoff pits two players against each other on the same iPad. Players, known as ‘Tub Jumpers’ must destroy their opponent with an arsenal of cannons, troops, tanks, and tubs. Use methodical strategy to build and guide your army through no mans land to take out your enemy’s resources. Blast your cannon to add fire to the mix. Take advantage of support call ins to turn the tide of the battle. 


Destroy the enemy through any means possible.


- Unique two player real time strategy on one ipad

- Intense mix of real time strategy and arcade style play

- Play between a variety of maps from different areas of the Scutum Crux

- Control & manage your Battle Station

- Build & Deploy up to 6 ground units with unique abilities from your battle station at any one time

- Fire at the other team with a GIANT cannon equipped with 3 firing modes

- Turn the tide with support call ins including:

-- Alpha team : 6 rifle infantry are dropped in by chopper on your side of the map.

-- Air Strike : Cut a gaping hole in the enemy lines with a bombing run.

-- Heal Beam : Bring your forces back to full health.

- 1500 free tokens to spend on support call ins

- Climb the Leaderboards and crush your friends high scores


Standoff is the ultimate multiplayer experience for iPad bringing a whole new level of gaming to the App Store.


This game is free to play, however there are purchases available for additional game content. A premium upgrade is available for players after a more ‘ad free’ gaming experience.


Take that bet to the table, end it with Standoff.


= MORE =


Website - www.tubjumpers.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/TubJumpers

Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/NYUKNYUKGAMES

Google+ - www.plus.google.com/+Tubjumpers/posts

Music - www.davidlong.co.nz/

Meet other tub jumpers - www.meetup.com/Tub-Jumpers-Standoff/

Join the conversation - #TubJumpers #Standoff

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