[ebook] Learning Babylon.js - Learn to create a whole 3D WebGL game!

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Hello all, 


As you surely know it, Babylon.js is a webgl game framework that you can use to create awesome games (and the official forum is right here!). I've been working on the very first Babylon.js ebook for several months, and today, this book is finished : I named it Learning Babylon.js.


What is included in the book:


  - Getting started with Babylon.js (Hello world in 3D!)

  - Learn how to use primitives (box, spheres, torus,...), default cameras and lights

  - Detailed guide on materials and textures

  - Particles

  - Shadows

  - Collisions

  - Intersections

  - Physics engine (Oimo.js)

  - User inputs (keyboard/gamepad)

  - Animations

  - How to use exporters (3DSMax, Blender, Unity)

  - Shaders

  - Skeletons/bones

  - And more!


The main goal of this book is to CREATE a whole game, chapter by chapter: start with the basics (cubes, spheres and torus), add materials, replace with custom 3D models exported from 3DSMax/Blender,...

The game you will create is greatly inspired from the Super Monkey Ball serie.

I tried to explain all concepts and notions a game developer can meet in a game creation: by the end of the book, you will have a complete game to play with, and (I hope!) enough knowledge to create your own.


Sadly, I was not able to handle all Babylon.js features in this book alone (I would have spent a whole year on it, and Babylon.js creators are adding new features every day!), but I tried to cover as much as I can with one game.


You can find some more information here : http://learningbabylonjs.com/, as well as some screenshots of the book.


I hope it will help you in your next Babylon.js projects. If you have any questions, remarks, I'm not far from this forum :)



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