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Rudrabhoj Bhati

Phaser.Game buggy emit

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I created a class named ControlData whose instance is passed to various objects so they can access many datas needed by all classes including main Phaser.Game instance.

package data;import phaser.Phaser;import phaser.core.Game;class ControlData {  public var game:Game;  public var score:Int;  public var high_score:Int;  public function new(){ = new Game(1136, 640, Phaser.AUTO, 'play_area');    this.score = 0;    this.high_score = 0;  }}

But the class don't get emitted properly in JS, I get the following output:

var data_ControlData = function() { = new Phaser.Game(null,null,1136,640,Phaser.AUTO,null,null,"play_area");	this.score = 0;	this.high_score = 0;};

See the extra nulls everywhere! Not a huge issue, I created a small C++ program to auto correct it, whom my build script calls, so it is still just one command compilation at my part "./", but using just "haxe Compile.hxml" would be much simpler.

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