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Rotation Values of DeviceOrientationCamera

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I have a web application that has a 'gaze selector' which is working fine, but I want to have the menus change context when the user is looking at higher X rotation value.

When testing on the desktop the standard FreeCamera has rotation values which I can easily check.  Then attaching a DeviceOrientiation camera, those rotation values are no longer updated. 

How can I get the simple rotation values of the DeviceOrientationCamera  or VRDeviceOrientationCamera?

Pulling my hair out here!

Keith R Morrison


It appears  scene.activeCamera.getWorldMatrix();  is changing value while moving the device. 
Is there a function to convert this to a x,y,z rotation?

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

From the Forums I see you're a big part of BabylonJS. 

I want to also say THANKS for you efforts in this.  I'm new to the engine ( coming from Flash & Flare3D, run in installable AIR applications ) and this engine is very well thought out. 

I'm excited to create applications using this tech.

Keith R Morrison


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