Edge browser on Xbox one - gamepad lag when running basic platform demo

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Im quite a newbie to Phaser, I have followed the first game tutorial and adapted it slightly by adding gamepad controls. It works fine on my desktop browsers (chrome and edge both at 60fps) but the controls seem a little laggy when I test it on the xbox one edge browser on my console.

I added an fps counter to check if performance was generally worse on xbox but it reports a constant 63fps, and yet the button timings are definitely off. Perhaps the framerate being over 60 is an issue, but I'm not sure.

Has anyone had a similar issue or could suggest a fix?

I'm running the link below directly to the edge browser on the console, tried setting phaser to both AUTO and CANVAS, but still the same controller lag.


And here's a link to the game code:


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Can you explain what you mean by "deactivated game mode". I've built a multiplayer card game that uses phones as interface devices and I'm finding Edge on the Xbox One to be a massive drag down. Button taps on the devices are severely delayed and even sound effects initially fire several seconds after they are supposed to.

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Most modern TVs have a game mode for the HDMi input that bypasses picture processing etc, and prioritizes response time. For Samsung TVs you need to go Settings > General and activate it there, for other TVs it varies but will usually be in the settings menu of the TV.

Here is some more info on game mode and how to enable it for most TV brands:


Happy hunting, hope it helps.



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Okay, I don't think that's related to my issue, but thanks. I'm otherwise a daily console gamer and don't experience lag there. I think perhaps I'll start a new thread to get a broader pool of experience with HTML5 and the XB1.

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