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Swapping and managing containers

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side note: sorry for making so many threads ( 3 in ~2 months ) but I have different issues and I think threads should be problem-centric rather than project-centric.

So I wanted to know how to swap containers.

Here's one of my containers.

 * a HUD container and child items

game.inventoryContainer = game.inventoryContainer || {};
game.containers = game.containers || {};

game.containers.inventory = me.Container.extend({

	init: function() {
		// call the constructor
		this._super(me.Container, 'init');
		// persistent across level change
		this.isPersistent = true;
		// make sure we use screen coordinates
		this.floating = false;
		this.alwaysUpdate = false;
		this.visible = false;
		// give a name = "inventoryContainer";

		this.addChild(new me.ColorLayer("invbg", "#55233B"), 0);
		this.addChild(new game.invLayer1, 1);
		this.addChild(new game.ManagerEntity(0, 0), 2);
		game.pointers.containers.inventory = this;
	update: function(dt) {
		if (game.screenspace === {
			return this._super(me.Container, 'update', [dt]);
		return false;

	draw: function(renderer, rect) {
		if (game.screenspace === {
			return this._super(me.Container, 'draw', [renderer, rect]);
		return false;
	reactivate: function() {
		this.isRenderable = true;
	deactivate: function() {
		// this.isRenderable = false;
		// for (var i = this.children.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
		// this.children[i].pos.x +=1000;
		// }


It's added to the game via

this.inventoryContainer = new game.containers.inventory();;

How do I swap it out without losing its children? All I want is not to have it or its children use up processor cycles while another container is displayed.

This I think would be interesting to other developers too.

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Ah, just responded to your PM. Yeah you should be able to simply do:; That will keep the container itself intact, but just detached from the game world.

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