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fixed physics update

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Hi all, 

I am a bit confused on how should I procede if I want to have my game update the physics at 25hz.

So, clearifying myself, my scenario:

I have a game server that run updates 25 time per sec.

I need on my client ( Just trying out pixi ) to simulate the physics too because of lag ( dead reckoning, ecc. ecc. )

So, i tried out this, but that bunny looks so clumsy. ( it is the basic example )

What's the good way to get it done ?

var update_rate = 1000 / 25;
var update_time = 0;

// Listen for animate update
app.ticker.add(function(delta) {
    update_time += app.ticker.elapsedMS;
    if (update_time < update_rate)
    update_time -= update_rate;
    bunny.rotation += 0.1 * delta; // is that even corret to multiply with delta in this case ?



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