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Hi all,


I try to use oculus controllers without having a VR Camera.

I succeed to have the rotation but the position stay 0,0,0.

The position seems to be only available when VRMode is enabled.


My code

this.padLeft.deviceRotationQuaternion; // Valid

console.log(this.padLeft.devicePosition); // always 0,0,0
console.log(this.padLeft.position); // always 0,0,0


any idea ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi again,

I investigated and finally babylon's code is ok ! The positions are updated. My problem was stupid : when you don't put the oculus on your head, the headset enter in a kind of sleep mode.

In this "sleep mode" , the positions of the pads are not updated ( only their rotation ) if you wake up the headset ( by touching/moving it only), the pad positions are back !

Sorry for the inconvenience.



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