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Sound issues on i-devices after re-focusing the game window

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I am working with a client who makes their own games too and they have the following issue when testing on iPads:


We want to add a soundtrack but we're having problems on the iPad. When you switch browser windows or close out of the browser by touching the home button, the sound stops playing which is expected. When you return to the game, the music starts up again but then cuts in and out the rest of the time. I noticed that your music shuts off and doesn't come back on. You have to manually select it.  My question is: How are you preventing the music from starting again? Or how are you fully stopping sound? Are you listening for a particular event? Anything you can share would be helpful.

So his problem is that his sound will come back after refocusing but it will be on and off. My problem ( which I wasn't aware of ) is that the music won't come back at all unless you turn it off and then on manually by an in game button. I am a GameMaker studio user so I blame that. I believe my client uses more traditional methods like real js and html etc. If you need more details let me know.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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