Getting exception on onControllerMeshLoadedObservable callback on Firefox

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I am getting this exception when I click the trigger button on the Firefox/Vive/Steam platform.

Note that this works fine on same machine with Supermedium browser (Supermedium/Vive/Steam stack). And certainly runs fine with Edge/WinMR hmd.

The impacted code snippet follows:

 this._vrHelper.onControllerMeshLoadedObservable.add((c: BABYLON.WebVRController, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => {
                console.log('>>>> onControllerMeshLoadedObservable');
                let controller = <BABYLON.WindowsMotionController>c;

                controller.onMenuButtonStateChangedObservable.add((eventData: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => {
                    this.menuButtonObserver(controller, eventState);

                controller.onTriggerButtonStateChangedObservable.add((eventData: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => {
                    this.triggerButtonObserver(controller, eventState);

                controller.onTouchpadValuesChangedObservable.add((stickValue: BABYLON.StickValues, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => {
                    this.touchpadValueObserver(stickValue, eventState);

                controller.onTouchpadButtonStateChangedObservable.add((gamepadButton: BABYLON.ExtendedGamepadButton, eventState: BABYLON.EventState) => {
                    this.touchpadButtonObserver(gamepadButton, eventState);

                console.log('<<<< onControllerMeshLoadedObservable');

This is kinda bizarre as supermedium and firefox are supposed to be similar. Don't know if this is babylonjs issue or firefox issue, if anyone knows please let me know.

And here is the console log errors on FireFox:



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