scene.getWaitingItemsCount() Incrementation issue

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Dear all

Maybe this is a dummy question, but I couldn't figure out a workaround solution. I have created a scene using the standard var createScene = function() {}, after which I make MULTIPLE calls to import meshes BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh().

I try to display the Preloading screen  using the following code

var renderFunction = function ()
        if (scene) {
                var remaining = scene.getWaitingItemsCount();
                if (remaining !=0)
                engine.loadingUIBackgroundColor = "green";
                engine.loadingUIText = "Please Wait, An Incredible 3D Online Shopping Experience is Streaming:     " + (remaining ? (remaining + " items remaining") : "");
                else if (remaining ==0)


The problme is that scene.getWaitingItemsCount() fluctuates, it decreases than increases, then decreases until it gets to zero. Is there a way for Counting to wait for ALL meshes/textures to QUEUE before it fires?


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