store data in an app created with cocoon

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Hi, i'm creating a game with phaser and i converted it in an app with cocoon so i can put it up in the play store.

Now i face a problem, i don't know how to store simple data, as levels, lifes, etc... so when the user exits the app and get back in can continue playing where it was left.

I found some info about it but it seems pretty difficult as it is in native android (wich i don't know very well), i don't know if there are more options, i'm looking for something easy, at least to start.

Many thanks.

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This might be better answered on a Cocoon rather than Phaser forum. I haven't used Cocoon, but Phaser (and I believe Cocoon) is just essentially an in-browser game so you just store data like you would any browser data using LocalStroage. 


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