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Loading glb file conversion and display issue

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I have a file that I exported from Blender. As you can see it is not displaying correctly. The image below is glb file dropped into Babylon Sandbox.  I used Blender and Sandbox as a test as I am getting similar results with my Babylon project .

Why I am confused, is the original file data imported into my Babylon project was from a obj file. When Imported the scene looks good. However when I export the data using BABYLON.GLTF2Export.GLBAsync and load back in using BABYLON.SceneLoader.Async I get the same result as the Babylon Sandbox. ( the intend is to be able to save either a obj or gltf file format as glb to a database and load back in as a glb )

It appears that the z scale could be reversed, but I don't see where.  The scene is using RightHandSystem == true;

Additional info, It appears fine when I loaded glb file into paint3D and also within a Threejs viewer.

I don't have this issue with all files.  




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