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Can't get gltf or glb files to load

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I'm pretty new to all this, so I'm sure its something stupid.  I went through the Babylon 101 tutorial and used the template html file, I then added

BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("assets/", "Alien.glb", scene, function (scene) {

and downloaded the Alien.glb file from Babylon's site.  But it will not show up and the debug layer gives this error:  

[13:23:56]: glTF Loader: t._loader._onReadyObservable.addOnce is not a function

[13:23:56]: Unable to load from assets/Alien.glb: t._loader._onReadyObservable.addOnce is not a function

 If I change it to a sample .obj file it works fine.  I also can't get it to work with the Boombox.gltf from the Babylon samples (or any other GLTF files I've created from blender).  I'm running this on a Wamp server (which I also am new at).  Attached is my index.html.


Thanks for any help!


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