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GPU killer - Ray-marched Likeness of the Parthenon

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I was gonna keep going with this but I gotta get on to other stuff at this point.  Thought someone might find it interesting.

Arrows to move, mouse click/drag to look.  You can make the viewport smaller to increase FPS.  I might go back and finish this up and add some Global Illumination into it at some point.

Its very hacky as far as the SDF function, could have a ton of stuff done to optimize it and make the scene run better but is still pretty cool for a meshless scene.

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been refining the environment:

Have Phong, Plastic and Reflective Materials now.
Fixed a bunch of the epsilon problems.

Gonna do shadows now and then texture sampled colors.

Will refine the functions that march out the Parthenon and hopefully get it running at a decent rate with all the new features.  

If anyone has any input on how to make the reflective materials be effected by the fog calculation that would be appreciated.

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