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Best portrait resolution

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Hi guys,

I've worked with unity3d until now, but I have to learn Phaser 3 and make a small hidden object game. It should work on platforms like kongregate, amorgames etc. Also it needs to be integrated with Facebook Instant Games.

Having all this in mind, my question is: What's the best resolution for portrait mode? I'm thinking that there are devices with aspect ratio 2:1 and I should work on something like that but I need to be sure.

Thank you

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There is no best solution (as you might have already been told a hundred times).

In the end you have to decide to either to scale the entire game, or manage different screen sizes.

I would recommend trying to not scale (with the exception of retina) and try to make your UI and game elements be usable in different resolutions.


For example, if you have a hidden object game, you can make a background that is much larger than the usual size of the screen.

Then you simply show more background on the sides instead of scaling.

The UI would always be in the corners and would just be more apart on bigger screens.

This way you don't have to worry about resolutions at all which otherwise could be really troublesome.

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