Disruptive startup looking for BabylonJS developer expert

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We are an innovative start-up and we are developing a revolutionary platform for engineers and entrepreneurs to convert automatically their technological idea into an electronic product ready for production within minutes, using special algorithms.

We have 12 developers in our team and want to expand it with more members. We are looking for the best BabylonJS developer expert to run with us for long term.

Please PM if you would be interested


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I represent Red Apple Technologies, a AR/VR apps & game development company. We design & develop apps & games across several platforms, including AR/VR/MR, iOS, Android, web, PC & consoles, using several tools and technologies like Unity, Unreal, ARKit, Vuforia, etc.

Having successfully delivered more than 400 projects, we can help you in your current or upcoming projects as an external design and development partner. If this is of interest to you, can we have a quick discussion to explore areas of collaboration.





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